Story Designed Experiences
Spaces as Stages & Objects as Extras

impeti  (im peh' • tee) :
rapidly moving forward dash hurtle leap rush spring surge zip 
(translated from Esperanto)
Brent White

A seasoned and thoughtful designer, I am passionate about spatial experiences, innovative environments and the well-crafted details that make them rich and meaningful. I take pride in the positive impact and delighted smiles these spaces and experiences draw from the people who encounter them. As an amateur student in human behavior, I am constantly intrigued with how we use and “read” spaces; correspondingly, I’m fascinated with how well-designed spaces inform our behavior, actions, and perceptions.

During over two decades in the Design industry, I have demonstrated success in designing meaningfully crafted experiences across a wide range of industries, including: Restaurant, Branded Environments, Furniture, and Interpretive Museums. I deeply value a rigorous Design process, and I thoroughly enjoy employing my extensive skills in all phases. As a Design leader, I prize honesty, collaboration, enthusiasm and optimism, and I gravitate towards teams with a balance of casual lightheartedness, team growth and individual fulfillment. 

Designer :  Strategic Design • Vision-Setting/Inspiration Spatial Planning Conceptual Development Ideation (hand-sketch & digital) Presentation Development & Design Design Intent Documentation (Plans, Elevations, Sections & Details) FF&E schedules  

Leader : Pitch & Proposal Development Design Direction & Management  Final Deliverable Oversight and Responsibility  Departmental Budget Assessment  & Allocation Team Development  Materials Library Management Resourcing & Logistics  Key Client Presentation  PR & Marketing Efforts